The Code of Ethics adopted by the members of the Iranian Syndicate of Consulting Architects and planners

The Consulting Engineers have an important role in sustainable development of all countries. For this evitable reason, they possess deniable position in the societies.
This document and its obligations on members was approved by members at a general meeting of Iranian Syndicate of Consulting Architect and Planner on Friday September. 2003. members are committed to the principles of this Code of Ethics.
These are:

  • Integrity in engineering service provision
  • Rights of clients and employers
  • Competent performance
  • Responsibility for the welfare, health and safety of the community
  • Respect the dignity of the ethical  behavior
  • Sustainable development

Obligations and requirements: Members are obliged

1-To accept responsibility for the welfare of the community
2-To present problem solutions compatible with national Interests and sustainable development principles.   
3-To maintain reputation of profession.
4-To promote their skills with the advancement of technology, knowledge management, and excellence in service provision.
5-To act only in the area of their competence and refuse to accept responsibility of work that does not have ability to do it.
6- To act with dignity and loyalty, also with the legitimate interests of employers.   
7-To notify employers from the potential interest conflicts.
8- To promote the principle of selection based on ability to do the job.
 9-Members shall not accept a fee that is incompatible with professional independence.
10-Members shall not deliberately nor carelessly do anything to injure, the reputation, or business of others.
11-Members shall not attempt to supplant another individual or consultant who has been duly appointed by a client or employer.
12-Members shall not accept engagement from a client or employer in replacement of another colleague without first ascertaining that the appointment has been terminated by due notice.